Sunday, 3 December 2017

True Scale - Horus Heresy Iron Warriors

Since the Primaris Space Marines have come out, I am sure everybody has thought about how to integrate them into their existing forces or to use them to make their existing forces into a 'True Scale' army because that's what they really are.

Now that I have finished the first batch of Plague Marines I am working on this little test. I also want to use my Forge world Brass Etched Iron Warriors sprue to see if the skulls will work on the shoulder pads.

To start with I looked at the Heresy MKVI marines and a comparison suggested the torso is a bit short and a bit narrow, so not exactly a match for the Primaris proportions but close enough. I added a waist with green stuff to my chosen torso then cut away the Primaris torso and kept in case this does not work. Next was to cut away the flared pieces of the knee armour and fill in the joints at the knee, then I filed the knee pad into a more angular shape to match the MKVI version. My plan is to paint in the knee pad rathe rthan sculpt it as the shape of the Primaris legs are very rounded making this difficult.

The last step wa sto glue the torso in place and add the head, weapons etc. At this stage I realised the green stuff waist was not going to work so I removed it.

All done and looking promising.

I will now paint and show you guys how that turns out.


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Dark Imperium - Plague Marines - Finished

It feels like this has been a never ending task to complete. I have finally finished but actually I could keep on painting because there are so many details on these models its ridiculous.

The chaos protrusions etc were washed with blues, pink and purples with red used for tongues. The armour was washed with a 60/40 mix of brown and black wash then highlighted with original base colour. Rust (Model Mates) applied to various bits like chain mail. Some verdigris to areas of bronze armour. Cloth was painted in the same way as the post on the backpacks i.e. Warhammer TV method.

They are amazing models and hope the paint job did them justice.


Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dark Imperium - Plague Marines - WIP2

I have managed to get some hobby time this week and have completed the base colours on the Plague Marines.

I started with a primer of Army Painter Green Primer Spray for the green armour.

I used a 50/50 mix of dark brown and bronze for the armour trim and once dry I used bronze for the final layer.

The horns and Bone I painted two coats with Tallarn sand.

The cloaks and material parts are painted in Liche Purple.

The chaos protrusions are painted with white. The models are now ready for the washes which should go faster and with a bit of luck I can have these guys done soon..


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Dark Imperium - Rust Effects using Model Mates

Continuing working on getting my skills back up to par and trying some new products out. I purchased these Rust Effects by Model Mates at Salute and am now trying it out on the Dark Imperium Death Guard as they are perfect candidates.

I started off by base coating the swords with Leadbelcher and used a red ink in the recesses.

Next was to apply the rust effect like you would paint, the trick with this rust effect is that you can build up the rust with several layers and each layer will give you a slightly different effect.

Once I was happy with the amount of rust I drybrushed more Leadbelcher over the sword and that is it, all done. So easy!

I also used it on the metal symbols hanging from the backpack.

If you are looking for an easy authentic looking rust effect then use this.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Dark Imperium - Painting Bugs

One of the new things to paint on these detail packed models is bugs.

In the previous Dark Vengeance set the models were also jammed full of details including loads of demon faces etc projecting from the body and I made a passable job of painting them but I don't recall any bugs in that set.

Needless to say I couldn't (there probably are) find any tutorials on painting bugs and had to rely on the looking at pictures on the web of this specific model with the bug on its shoulder for reference.

I started with a base colour of Bone for the body and legs and White for the wings, when that was dry I washed the body with Blue, applying several layers to build up the detail around the warts etc on the detail. The legs were washed with Flesh Wash following the same method.

The teeth were highlighted white and the proboscis was washed with a red ink to give it that 'wet' look. I finished with painting the eye black.

The wings were washed with a custom made verdigris wash, allowing some of the white to show through and the tips were then highlighted with white.


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dark Imperium - Painting Smoke the Warhammer TV Way

So to continue working on getting my skills back up to par by following the Warhammer TV guides by Duncan (as far as possible as I don't have all the colours).

 My second learning session, smoke from the brazier on the backpack. Taken from the Lord of Contagion Video.

I started with a base of Codex Grey (I still have some of these old colours).

Followed by a wash of Coelia Greenshade.

Next a lighter grey layer leaving the green showing in the recesses.

Last a final highlight of White.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, it was a grey day when I painted this.


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Dark Imperium - Painting a Cloak the Warhammer TV Way

With hobby time at a premium for me, I can only paint a bit here and there (babies don't give you much spare time). With that limitation I have decided to paint my Plague Marines bit by bit as well.

To start off I am going to paint the backpacks first, actually I did the bases first and I am going to get my skills back up yo par by following the Warhammer TV guides by Duncan (as far as possible as I don't have all those colours).

First up the cloak.

I started with a base of Warlock Purple.

Followed by a Nuln Oil wash.

Next a large layer highlight of Warlock Purple.

And finally a edge highlight of Warlock Purple mixed with a bit of white to make it a bit lighter.

Happy days, good result, I would never have painted a cloak this colour before.

Stay tuned for how the smoke turned out.